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12 Fresh New Front Door Colors to Welcome You Home


12 Fresh New Front Door Colors to Welcome You Home

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Cottage front door ideas

A cottage porch is the perfect spot for a colorful front door. Try Clark +Kensington Vintage Peach to get this look. Image: The Cottage Building Company

We love the look of a colorful front door to welcome guests into our home. Perhaps our front door is like our home’s jewelry — adding a little sparkle to the curb appeal. Painting your front door is one of the quickest (and prettiest) ways to change up your home’s exterior. Front door colors can be warm, cool or neutral. The freshest colors are warm and cool. You can use them as an accent in your exterior paint color scheme. Here are the freshest front door colors that we’re loving right now.

Cool Front Door Colors

Our favorite cool front door colors include blue and purple shades. Green can be considered a cool color, but it can also be considered warm if it has a lot of yellow undertones. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect cool color for your front door, try sampling warm paint colors instead.


Aqua front door

A pretty aqua front door is relaxed and welcoming. Image: Kate Lester Interiors

An aqua front door is not just perfect for a beach-inspired home — it’s becoming the go-to color for modern farmhouse and cottage styles. Aqua and turquoise doors are versatile, putting a fresh spin on neutral color palettes. Try Sherwin-Williams Aquaverde to get this look.


Lilac front door

Lilac and periwinkle doors are soothing choices for a front door and can cool down red brick exterior colors. Image: London Door Company

Lilac is the new Millennial Pink, appearing on the runway and in home decor right now. With all the emphasis on pastel colors lately, lilac and periwinkle have finally taken their place in today’s color palettes. A lilac front door is a bold choice in a sea of white doors that reflects your creativity and individuality in a sweet way. Try Sherwin-Williams Perfect Periwinkle to get this look.

Mint Green

Pastel green front door

A painted mint green door is the perfect fit for a cottage home. Image: Studio Three

Who can resist sweet mint green? Cottage and modern farmhouse lovers have already discovered the joy of this fresh color for their homes. Mint green is a popular exterior paint color right now, but you may not be ready to tackle such a big project. Changing your front door color is an easy way to bring a fresh shade like this to your home’s exterior without a big price tag. Try Magnolia Home Mineral Green to get this look.

Pastel Blue

Light blue front door

A pastel blue front door makes coming home even sweeter. Image: Little Greene Paint & Paper

A sweet cottage or beach-inspired home with a pastel blue front door has that ‘love at first sight’ appeal. We’re smitten by the thought of coming home to an adorably fresh blue door accented by black shutters and colorful flowerpots. Try Little Greene Paint & Paper’s Celestial Blue to get this look.


Purple front door

A purple front door complements traditional gray siding to create an eye-catching focal point for your home. Image: Chattanooga Exteriors

A purple front door may be a surprising choice, but the right shade of purple can be a fresh change for your home. With the popularity of lilac these days, purple can be the right choice if you aren’t really into pastels. The secret to choosing the right purple for your front door is to look beyond rich jewel tones and try more vibrant shades. Try PPG-Pittsburgh Paints Purple Grapes to get this look.

Fresh Green

Green front door

Green is a versatile front door color, perfect for more than just mid-century style homes. Image: Benjamin Moore

Apple green, lime green and grass green are all popular mid-century modern front door colors that can be a showpiece for any style home. The secret to the mid-century green look is to choose a fresh color with yellow undertones. Charcoal gray, dark brown, and even black siding is a strong backdrop that can handle these bright green door colors. Try Benjamin Moore’s Green Meadows to get this look.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue Front Door

The cobalt blue front door and shutters brighten up a traditional home. Image: Glen Layton Homes

A fresh new take on a traditional navy blue door is cobalt blue. We love this vibrant blue shade for front doors because it works with almost any home style. A traditional or Cape Cod-style home is a natural fit for a cobalt blue door, but that’s just the beginning. Contemporary, farmhouse and beach-inspired color palettes can easily accommodate a vibrant blue door. Try Sherwin-Williams Jay Blue to get this look.

Warm Front Door Colors

Autumn colors are usually the first thing we picture when looking for warm door colors. Yellow, orange, red and all our favorite fall shades give a welcoming look to your front porch. Warm paint colors look their best as an accent in a cool exterior color palette.


Yellow front door

A vibrant yellow front door for a traditional home. Image: lda Architecture & Interiors

Will you choose bright yellow or butter yellow for your front door? We love them both. Vibrant yellow doors are popping up in every neighborhood for a good reason. A cheerful yellow door can give you that summer feeling all year long. Your yellow front door is an easy fit for a neutral exterior color scheme, but looks just as stunning on a navy blue or dark green home. Try Sherwin-Williams Sunny Veranda to get this look.


Orange front door

A painted orange or coral front door color is a stylish way to warm up a gray craftsman home. Image: Platform Home

Coral front doors have been a popular choice for mid-century modern homes for decades. Now this energetic color is one of the freshest looks for any style home. Coral is a striking complement to your green foliage and can brighten up a dark exterior. Try Behr Paint’s Orange Burst to get this look.


Gold front door

A rich gold front door is a welcoming way to greet guests at your home. Image: Garden Studio

If you love the look of yellow front door colors but want something with more presence, try on a gold front door. Mid-century homes were filled with harvest gold accents, and that’s still a good choice for the front door of a modern or contemporary home. Your traditional or cottage-style home can also benefit from warm gold front door colors, especially if you love fall colors and decorating. Try Benjamin Moore Yellow Hibiscus to get this look.


Peach front door

Peach is an unexpected front door color but could be the right choice to soften your curb appeal. Image: The Decor Fix

We’re ready for peach to make a big comeback in interior design. With the resurgence of pastels, colors like lilac and peach are next up for decorating trends. A peach front door can brighten up a white cottage with black accents or a beach-inspired exterior color palette pairing beige and aqua. Try Benjamin Moore Hathaway Peach to get this look.


Pink front door

A pink front door is a cheerful way to welcome friends and family into your home. Image: Southern Living

Finding the right pink front door color may take a little while. From muted Millennial Pink to a saturated geranium color, your choices are seemingly endless. You might feel overwhelmed by your color choices but you can narrow down your pink options quickly. Decide right away if you like a muted or pastel pink or prefer a more bold front door color, then pick up a few samples in paint colors that you love. Keep your options simple by sticking to just a handful of color samples at a time. Try Sherwin-Williams In the Pink to get this look.