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25 Cool Ways To Effectively Use A Windowsill


25 Cool Ways To Effectively Use A Windowsill

  • By DigsDigs
  • Posted by Marika on 1/31/18

Lack of space is the most frequent problem in modern dwellings, and using every inch of space is essential. A windowsill is often left without attention, you can just place a couple of pots on them and forget about it. A windowsill, especially a wide one, can get a lot of uses and can accommodate a lot of things, and today I’d like to share some of the most useful ideas.

Breakfast Bars

Kitchens are often small and you literally can’t find a space for a dining area. No problem, you can always find some space for a tiny breakfast bar, and your windowsill will be a table. Whether it’s a narrow or a wide windowsill, there’s always some space for a couple of cups and plates. Sometimes such a space is enough for dining and other meals, too. Add a couple or more stools that fit your decor style and voila – a breakfast bar is done!

a kitchen counter is continued into a windowsill and is used as a breakfast bar

a modern breakfast space with bold turquoise chairs and a cork windowsill

a modern windowsill bar with leather stools and a nice view to enjoy

a wooden windowsill and chairs make an industrial space cozier

a windowsill breakfast bar with industrial stools and some storage shelves on both sides

a cozy kitchen with a large windowsill as a breakfast zone and cool garden views
a small kitchen clad with wood and a windowsill bar with modern stools and a view


Most of us need at least a small desk for paying bills and other stuff, and a windowsill is a great piece to use as a desk. It’s a great idea to incorporate a desk somewhere without making a whole home office, and if you don’t need a large one, a narrow windowsill is enough. You may add storage shelves under it or on the wall on both sides. If the windowsill is thick enough, why not make some drawers inside?

a modern windowsill desk with open storage shelves on both sides and a comfy leather chair

a small rounded niche with a windowsill used as a desk is a great idea to incorporate into a bedroom

a window with a narrow windowsill used as a desk and for storage

a very comfy study space with a bult-in bookcase and a large windowsill desk

a modern black framed window and a thick wooden windowsill desk with a bold chair

a modern windowsill continued to the wall is enough for several people

a small working space on the windowsill and a comfy white leather chair


A daybed is a great piece for reading, lying, relaxing and tons of other things, and if you need one and don’t know where to make it – use your windowsill. Upholster a windowsill with some comfy fabric or just add cushions or pillows, and voila – your daybed is ready! Of course it works only if your windowsill is large and thick enough, and you may add drawers under it to hide your stuff.

enjoy the views lying on a cool and comfy windowsill covered with faux fur
add a couple of pillows and cushions to a library windowsill and you'll get a cool reading nook

a comfy upholstered daybed with storage drawers and lamps over it

a windowsill covered with dark stained wood is a great seat or daybed

a comfy windowsill daybed with pillows and faux fur and

a stylish upholstered daybed on a corner windowsill allows enjoying the views


A windowsill is a perfect seat for any purpose: reading, working, blogging, eating and so on. The idea is practically the same as in the previous point: upholster the windowsill or add cushions and pillows to make it soft or just leave as it is. Make sure that your windowsill is stable and durable enough to hold some weight. Have a look at the ideas below and get inspired for using your own windowsill!

a small and comfy windowsill seat with upholstery and built-in shelves

a comfy reading space with built-in bookshelves on both sides of the seat

an upholstered windowsill bench with drawers is an ideal seat for any eating space