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25 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Dining Space Cooler


25 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Dining Space Cooler

  • By DigsDigs
  • Posted By Marika 7-17-18

It’s the middle of summer and everyone is trying to spend some time outdoors to enjoy fresh air and sunlight. Dining outdoors is a great idea, I must say that I totally love it, if you too and if you have an outdoor dining space, a small or a large one, it doesn’t matter, you may spruce it up a little bit and add a fresh touch to your space to make it more welcoming. Here are some ideas to quickly change your outdoor zone into an ultra cool and edgy one.

Bright Colors

The easiest way to enliven your outdoor space is to add bright colors, and there are many ways to do that. First of all, you may choose a colorful dining set but if there’s no such thing at hand, take some paint and make bright furniture yourself painting the whole set or only the chairs, for example. Second, textiles can be a nice idea to spruce up the space without spending much money. Bright cushions, pillows, blankets and table runners plus napkins are right what you need to make your space bold and cool.

make your dining space cooler with bright painted chairs - just DIY this project and add color

infuse the space with bright paint and cushions and maybe napkins, too

add bright textiles like pillows, blankets, table runners and napkins and a bright floral centerpiece

the dining set painted lilac and pink textiles for a welcoming and sweet dining space

a bright green dining wicker set with striped cushions and a coral drink station

A Mismatching Table And Chairs

A mismatched dining set is a super hot trend right now, and it’s applicable not only indoors but also outdoors. I mean not just the colors, it’s about different and even contrary styles. It may be a modern and sleek table and shabby chic or rustic chairs, a wooden slab table and ultra-modern sleek plastic chairs in some bold color and much more. The more the difference between the table and the chairs is, the cooler it looks!

make your outdoor space super trendy with a rough wooden table and sleek plastic chairs in turquoise

a relaxed shabby chic space with a wooden table and blue and yellow metal chairs

a vintage chair and all different chairs in various colors are exactly what you need

a neutral wooden table and bright turquoise string covered chairs for a modern space

a rounf wicker table and all-mismatching chairs, shabby and rustic ones in different colors

a rough wooden table and white refined and elegant forged chairs for a stylish statement

a modern and sleek white dining table and folding wooden chairs for a bold contrast

an industrial dining space with a metal covered table and all different chairs from industrial to rustic

a simple white table is spruced up with colorful chairs and wooden foldable ones

Wicker Touches

Wicker and rattan are traditional for outdoor spaces, it’s timeless classics, and adding some of such touches can be a very welcoming idea. Go for wicker chairs in various colors (avoid retro touches if you don’t want a vintage look) and try wicker lampshades. Go for wicker lampshades of eye-catchy shapes or hang a whole arrangement of wicker lamps over the space.

a modern dining space is made cooler and cozier with a catchy wicker lampshade

a Scandinavian dining space can be spruced up with a white wicker lampshade

wicker turquoise chairs and wicker lampshades for a sweet rustic space with a Mediterranean feel

an airy and welcoming space with a whole arrangement of wicker lamps for a catchy look

a minimalist space with a wooden dining set and a wicker lampshade for a laconic and welcoming look


Lights always make a space very welcoming and inviting, and if you add some, your space is gonna be amazing. Lights, lamps, candle lanterns and candle holders are right what you need for making the space illuminated and cozy even at night. Provide several different types of lights to make the space even cooler.

an outdoor dining space lit up with lots of lights and some candle lanterns

light over the space and some candles on the table for an inviting ambience

paper lamps, lights and candles in jars will illuminate your space well even at night