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25 Sliding Barn Doors Ideas For A Rustic Feel


25 Sliding Barn Doors Ideas For A Rustic Feel

  • By DigsDigs
  • Posted By Marika 4-4-18

A barn door is a thing that is sure to give a rustic feel to your space, and nowadays it’s usually a sliding one, which means that you’ll save much space and get a creative combo of a rustic barn door and a modern way of using it.

Sliding barn doors can be used everywhere: for the furniture, for built-in and utility space, in between the parts of the suite, for example, a bedroom and a bathroom and so on. You can give them a different look: from bold shades to natural wood and whitewashed ones. Besides, you may incorporate various glass and mirror inserts into the doors to achieve different effects. Let’s take a look at them.

Sliding Painted And Stained Barn Doors

Stained barn doors are a very popular option for all kinds of spaces, from rustic to contemporary ones, and even if your space isn’t that rustic, such a door will add warmth and will stand out. Painting barn doors will slightly change their look, highlight the shapes and design and maybe will add a colorful touch to the space, whatever shade you’ll choose. You may even paint it black and add gold hardware for a more glam feel. If you have a shabby chic or coastal interior, try to whitewash the barn doors to make them fit the space.

a modern space features sliding barn doors of reclaimed wood that make a bold rustic statement

a sliding barn door on black metal adds coziness and warmth that only a barn piece can bring

a vintage rustic barn door painted green for a textural and colroful statement

a vintage-inspired farmhouse bedroom with a dark stained sliding barn door to stand out

this sliding barn door with exposed hardware and studs makes a bold statement in a modern space

a whitewashed barn door is a part of decor and perfectly matches a coastal space

hide your built-in pantry with a couple of dark stained barn doors to make the kitchen cozy and welcoming

Isabella and David's sitting room is a cozy, adult space where they can relax together while the kids play elsewhere. The barn door adds a beautiful rustic element that warms the space and the printed rug keeps with the country theme. As seen on Property Brothers.

dark stained sliding barn door hides a small bathroom and stands out in a neutral space

a sliding barn door of reclaimed wood is an ideal choice for a woodland or mountain cabin

a rustic blue and red boys' bedroom and a matching red barn door to highlight the theme

why not paint your barn door in some bold shades like coral to make a colorful statement in the interior

the soft whitewashed shade of the doors contrasts the exposed hardware and create a unique combo

a neutral barn sliding door is a great addition to the interior and it doesn't look too rustic

a grass green painted barn door separates the kitchen and pantry and adds a cute colorful touch

a large light blue barn door is used to hide a built-in laundry and keep the space neat

a light-colored sliding barn door can be used to hide a small mudroom or another functional space

paint the barn door black and add a gold handle to make it look more glam-like and chic

Sliding Barn Doors With Mirrors/ Glass

To make the barn doors look not too bulky and rustic, you may add some glass inserts – the glass can be stained, clear or rainy, it depends on the look you want. The clearer the glass is, the more light it will let inside. Another idea is to make a mirror insert on the whole size of the barn door, a mirror will visually double the space and is a very functional idea in the spaces like closets or bathrooms.

a dark stained barn door with a mirror insert hides a bathroom and a closet

a light-colored barn door with a large mirror can be used for dressing up in the bedroom

a rich-colored large barn door features a big mirror that doubles the living room space

a sliding barn door with a mirror insert is a great idea for the bathroom as the mirror is a must for such a space

a sliding barn door with a mirror is a chic idea, a combo of modern and rustic things for a modern farmhouse

sliding barn doors with clear glass inserts make the look not too bulky and let the light in

sliding barn doors with rainy glass inserts to make the doors look more subtle and let the light inside