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25 Ways To Make Your Office Feel Like Home


25 Ways To Make Your Office Feel Like Home

  • By Digsdigs
  • Posted By Marika 11/28/18

Simply showing up for work every day does not ensure your productivity. Feeling comfortable and happy at the workplace matters just as much as having the right equipment to get the job done. If you are working at home, your office decor is even more important to fulfill all the tasks right and feel inspired all the time. Don’t worry! We’ve prepared some smart tips you may use to create a home office that feels very welcoming and very inspiring.

Large Windows/ Views

What you need for a home office is large windows or a window as, first of all, having sufficient natural light is important while working and it raises up your mood. Place your desk in front of windows and this way you’ll also enjoy the views you have. If you have beautiful views, they will inspire you and help you relax when necessary. In case you have some space next to the window, think of having a cozy window nook. It can be a nice relaxing place to unwind, take a break and look out the window, read or even work on your laptop. This is a super cozying up idea for any space.

a view is a must for a home office, it will inspire you, make you feel relaxed when necessary and will connect you to outdoors

place your desk at the window to enjoy the views and get plenty of natural light at the same time

a glazed wall with a built-in shelf-like desk, you may hide it and enjoy the view completely

if your window is a door at the same time, just place the desk next to it, there will be enough light anyways

having enough natural light raises your mood and cool views inspire you to create and work better

a double corner window brings even more light while keeping your home office more private

a cozy window seat will make your home office more inviting and this space will allow you relaxing

a window seat may be used for napping and relaxing while havign breaks, having coffee or even working there

create a window seat to match the style of your home office, place books next to it if needed

if possible, incorporate some storage into your window bench, it will be very useful for you

a cozy neutral home office with a window seat and Roman shades that allow some privacy

you may also divide your home office into zones and make a window bench a bit separate turning it into a relaxation zone

Colors And Materials

Neutral colors are the winners here for many reasons. First of all, they tend to visually enlarge the space, which is great for large home offices and perfect for smaller ones, and we all know that a home office is often not very large. Second, neutral shades don’t distract you from work like bright ones do, which is essential – this space is for working, remember? You may also incorporate some natural and outdoor shades into your decor to make feel more relaxing, for example, green and earthy tones.

Wood is your best friend to cozy up any space including your home office, the more you use it, the cozier space you’ll get. Wood brings natural warmth, beautiful texture and sometimes color if you need it. Take a look at the examples and make sure to cozy up your home office making it welcoming more than ever before.

a neutral home office with light-colored wood incorporated and a rug and shades for more coziness

a shared home office in neutrals with a reclaimed wood wall and a rug to add texture

girls may add blush and dusty pink that are pastels but are still rather neutral and make your space welcoming

think of adding natural shades to the space, for example, various green shades

a neutral home office and a play of textures with chunky knit, faux fur and metal for a catchy look

a modenr neutral space with cool lines and some art objects over the desk

wood in all its shades brings warmth and makes your space more welcoming at once, rock floors and furniture

a wooden floor, shelf desk and shelves cozy up this home office nook at once

don't be afraid to go much wood in your space and add jute and burlap for more texture

though the wall shade is neutral and pastal, a wooden desk makes the home office cozier

rock some neutral wooden furniture in your home office to raise its level of coziness

a very neutral home office is made catchier with metallics, faux animal skin and a leopard print

rock macrame, rugs, various upholstery for a boho and catchy look in your neutral home office