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4 Retro Hues To Use In Your Home Decor


4 Retro Hues To Use In Your Home Decor

  • By Digsdigs
  • Posted By Marika 7-4-18

All trends are known to always come back full circle, which means that many retro touches and ideas can be easily incorporated into your home decor giving it a trendy feel. In case you want to add a colorful touch to your home, go for some traditionally retro hues like gold, burgundy, dusty rose, mint, red and emerald. How to incorporate them with style? Here are some ideas!


Mint is an informal and very refreshing color, which could be often seen in vintage and vintage-inspired interiors. It’s ideal for spring and summer and brings cheerful vibes. Consider having it as a soft but eye-catchy addition, a pastel color statement and pair it with darker pieces for a contrast or with other pastels for a soft look. mint is ideal when you want to add color to your room but don’t feel like anything too bright or bold.

a mint sofa is a soft base for adding bright colors with the rug and the artwork for a cheerful feel

a minimalist kitchen in mint and very dark stained wood for a contrasting modern look

add a colorful touch to your monochromatic bathroom with mint for more interest

mint is a nice soft color for a nursery, it's a cute idea for both a boy and a girl

painting your bedroom walls in mint is a great idea to refresh it and make more vivacious


Burgundy itself has always had a sophisticated undertone, however, a richer, darker tone adds a mysterious vibe. Pair with metallics for an elegant, fun twist on this classic hue. Burgundy can be a nice colorful touch to any neutral or pastel space, too. This color is great for creating edgy moody interiors – mix it with black, dark grey and plum shades and you’ll get pure sophistication.

a refined living room with a colorful statement - a burgundy velvet sofa with pillows

burgundy is great to pair with metallics, especially gold touches, for a refined look

you may add a chic feel to the space with burgundy curtains, which is a simple way to add color

a moody living room with shades of plum and burgundy for a bold and creative look

spruce up your space with a burgundy leather ottoman for a more boho feel

Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is a very old world color, it’s a soft pastel shade that always adds a feminine feel to the space. It can be used in light-colored or pastel rooms for a soft colorful touch, or you may add a soft statement to the monochromatic space. Dusty rose is often used in fabric – draperies, rugs, upholstery, which is an easy idea and such items can be often changed if you want.

add dusty rose drapes to your bathroom for a refined and girlish feel

a contemporary dining space with dusty rose chairs for a colorful touch in the neutral space

a dusty rose bathtub in a monochromatic space adds a soft girlish feel

a neutral sunroom filled wiht a lot of potted greenery and with a corner bench in dusty rose

a mid-century modern living room with a dusty rose sofa for a soft colorful touch

soften your industrial orminimalist space with a dusty rose statement wall


This hue not only reminds us of the 1960s because of its boldness, but it is now becoming the perfect accent hue that brings everything together. For a softer look, go for a neutral space with magenta touches, for a contrasting look prefer try darker colors and magenta accents. As this color is very intense, sometimes just a couple of touches is enough: a magenta rug, a countertop, a dresser, an artwork or something else you like.

a dark space with several bright accents in magenta and bold yellow for a contrasting look

highlight a girl's space with magenta and bright green touches for a cheerful feel

add more glam to your space with leopard print and a magenta item with gilded touches

a very elegant entryway with a bright magenta bench, which adds cheer and color

a bright and cozy mid-century modern living room with a magenta rug for a colorful touch