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6 Design Rules You Should Break Today


6 Design Rules You Should Break Today

By Trendir.com

Posted by Marika on March 28, 2017

We all have that little voice in our heads filled with rules for us to follow. Rules such as don’t forget to chew with your mouth closed, don’t forget to separate the white clothes from the colored clothes and don’t forget to brush your teeth at least once a day. These rules are always in the back of our minds to remind us of wrong from right. However, sometimes we need to forget everything we have learned and go against the grain. Especially when it comes to interior design.

The appearance of your home should showcase your personality, not the certain rules that have been instilled within us. It is now time to transform your home into your masterpiece by breaking the following 6 design rules. Here are 6 design rules you should break today.

Rule 1 To Break- Never Mix Prints

This is a rule that has been going around for century’s. It has always been stated that once you choose one print you can forget about using any other prints in that same area. We are here to tell you that you no longer need to choose between flower prints and zebra prints instead you can mix and match the prints. We suggest choosing a few prints that have coordinating colors in order to keep the décor cohesive all throughout.

Rule 2 To Break- Stick To Only One Design Style

If sticking to one design style would be a rule to follow interior designing would be boring. You do not need to stick to one design style you can choose different styles and even different pieces from diverse time periods. Just because you have a modern home design does not mean you cannot bring in a vintage chair as an accent chair and vise verse. Instead, consider mixing and matching wherever you see fit. However, if you do decide to mix and match design styles make sure the pieces you choose have a common denominator such as a common color scheme or pattern. Doing so will ensure all piece come together.

Rule 3 To Break- Always Have The Same Tone Of Color

If every room featured only one tone of color and everything seemed to match it begins to look and feel a bit one-dimensional. Your home shouldn’t look or feel one-dimensional it should feel like an extension of you. You don’t need to match every shade perfectly instead choose range of shades in the same family to create a lively ambiance.

Rule 4 To Break- Large Furniture Should Never Be In Small Rooms

There has always been a misconception that large furniture in small rooms would simply make them appear smaller. However, having only small piece will actually add emphasis on the size of the room. Instead, you want to have a few large pieces such as a large couch or TV stand mixed in with small pieces in order to bring balance to the room.

Rule 5 To Break- Your Room Needs To Be Symmetrical

Although symmetry does bring a sense of order and formality to a room it doesn’t always need to be this way. Asymmetrical pieces can bring an interesting and fun aspect to any room. It can be more visually appealing to have pieces that aren’t exactly symmetrical in the room. Instead, of having two of the same night stand consider having one night stand and leaving the other side bare. Or rearrange the entire room into a non-symmetrical format for a completely different look.

Rule 6 To Break- Only Use The Same Wood Finish

Contrast is key when it comes to finding the perfect wood finish for your home. Having the same wood finish will cause your home to appear monotone and one dimensional. Instead, consider using different shade of wood finishes. Using only dark shades of wood can also cause the room to look dark or even appear smaller. If you are working with dark wood on the floors, consider purchasing furniture that has light wood this will bring out the contrast between the two.

Although, some of these rules have been around for multiple years if not centuries it is now time to change up the interior design game and make it more personal to you. Why follow these rules when you can create a vision and bring it to life by simply changing up the design of your home. Let us know below which rule you are considering breaking and which rule you refuse to break.