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Bring the spa home and get some “me time” with a steam shower


Bring the spa home and get some “me time” with a steam shower

  • By Decorology
  • Posted By Marika 10/3/18

The fact that bathrooms are usually very small does pose some challenges, but it also brings some benefits too. It means that small touches of luxury can have a much bigger impact than they would in a larger space. Take the right approach and even the smallest bathroom can give an impression of openness and calm, so you can have your own private and convenient haven in your busy life – at a very low cost. Here are some tips.

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Install a home spa, steam shower

If you have space for a bath and a stand-alone shower, consider yourself blessed. If you only have space for a bath or a shower, then these days you should probably give preference to the shower so as to make more efficient use of the space in your bathroom. Let’s be honest, while most of us probably like the idea of lounging in a bath, the chances are that in real life, we probably only have time to use it once or twice a week, if we’re lucky, which means the rest of the time we’ll be using over-bath showers, which have improved a lot over the years, but are nowhere near as good as proper stand-alone showers, let alone steam shower cabins, which offer monsoon showers, hydrotherapy jets and, of course, steam, in a self-contained shower cabin, which can be installed without tiling. They offer all the luxury of a bath in a much smaller footprint, which frees up space for you to put to other uses. If you already have a stand-alone shower then upgrading to a steam shower cabin will not only give you extra functionality, but save you the hassle of maintaining tiling.

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Cluttered is the opposite of calm

Storage is possibly the single, biggest challenge of the modern home, but a bit of discipline, smart shopping and creative thinking can do wonders to streamline the clutter in your home in general and your bathroom in particular.

Discipline – means keeping the contents of your bathroom down to what you actually need and what you really love.

Smart shopping – means resisting the temptation to fill up your bathroom with products just because you can. If you don’t have vast amounts of storage space then you need to limit the quantity of items you need to store in the first place. Learn to ignore special offers, unless there’s clear evidence that they really are special, most so-called “special offers” are just standard promotions which are repeated again and again so you can catch them next time and even if you don’t, just how much would you really be giving up?

Creative thinking – means making the most of what you have. This will vary from bathroom to bathroom, but it will generally involve maximizing vertical space and passing practical items off as decor as much as possible, saving closed storage for unsightly necessities.

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Keep everything cohesive

For the sake of clarity, we’d like to emphasize that cohesive does not mean “all white” (or all any other color”) or that you have to sacrifice your individuality. It simply means that everything in your bathroom has to work in harmony. This is recommended throughout your home but is particularly important in bathrooms because of their small size. Basically, if you push eclecticism too far, you can wind up with a bathroom which feels cluttered and cramped even if it’s actually perfectly organized.

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Use mirrors in moderation

Most bathrooms need at least one mirror and many can benefit from having extra mirrors to reflect the light, just don’t overdo it or you can wind up feeling like you’re trapped in some kind of weird fairground attraction.

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Look at your lights

It has to be remembered that the main function of lighting in the bathroom is for safety. This is true of any room, but arguably especially true of bathrooms and kitchens. It also has to be remembered that the average bathroom probably only has room for one, main light, but there’s often space for a few task and/or decorative lights. Remember, you can stretch the term “lights” a bit and, for example, use LED candles as a safer alternative to real ones, which don’t require mains electricity.

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Update your accessories

A new toilet seat, new taps, even new plugs, can all help to give your bathroom a refresh without breaking the bank. You can also make bathroom textiles work as luxury decor as well as practical items. For example, invest in some high-quality towels which both look good and feel good and if you can’t afford to replace all your linens at once, then make sure that the good ones are the ones which are most visible. Add something soft to a hard bathroom floor for both warmth and comfort. These days, you can get a wide selection of very attractive rugs which are robust enough to be used in the average bathroom.