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​​Creative ways to decorate with mirrors


Creative ways to decorate with mirrors

Interior designers are always looking for that next idea to set their space apart from another and start new trends and themes. From colors, furniture designs, patterns, and accessories, there are many elements that factor into creating the perfect space. One of the more creative ways to incorporate different accessories into designing your ideal space is through the use of mirrors. Whether you are setting them up in a traditional way, or opting for a more unconventional and creative use for them, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few tips and tricks to properly incorporating mirrors into your next space.

One of the best uses for a mirror in a room is to incorporate more light into a space when you don’t want to add additional lighting. Mirrors will naturally catch light quickly and can brilliantly reflect it back into a room, instantly adding more light into a room. But putting this mirror on a blank wall where the sunlight can easily catch it, you will brighten up any room, making it a great use for some of your smaller spaces.

Are you feeling cramped on space? There is no better way to remedy this situation than to introduce a mirror into the room. Placing a large mirror, or a series of mirrors in a small room directly across from a window will open up a space immensely, creating somewhat of an optical illusion. By doing this, you will be able to add more light to the space, while simultaneously make it feel much larger.

Are you a fan of artwork, but don’t have any cool pieces to prominently display in your space? The use of mirrors can be a great alternative, combing form and function together perfectly. One of the coolest ways you can do this is by placing a variety of different sized mirrors on the same wall together, rather than opting for just one large individual mirror. This will serve the same function as the large mirror, while adding a lot more character to the room.

Another great design feature with mirrors is to hang two symmetrical mirrors side by side. Also serving the same purpose as a singly large mirror, you will add more creativity to a space with the side by side mirrors, and still get the same light reflection and additional space through the optical illusion.

How do you use mirrors in your space? Do you incorporate any of these design elements into your rooms? Be sure to let us know in the comments!