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Getting the Classic Home Look


Getting the classic home look

Your home deserves a timeless design. Great bones and structural design are the handy work of the architecture, however, the interior of your home will be a classic tale that you were born to exhibit. Learning how to create a classic home look, you will certainly want to draw inspiration from Greek architecture. Consider incorporating robust columns, stripes, statues and busts, to name a few. The adoration of refined taste is legendary and the capacity of your residential retreat is the perfect canvas. It’s time to conquer yesterday, today and the future; it’s time to paint your canvas.

Let your palate gravitate towards natural resources and fibers like woods, stones, bricks and cotton. Be sure to bypass the attraction of trendy temptations, there’s no room for pop culture fads in timeless and classic design. In creating your immortal space you’ll want to focus on simple sophistication. Underestimate, not over complicate is the route to take. This is not to say that you can’t infuse a couple of modern accents to mark the era you reigned, but for the most part you want to stay away from trendy pieces.

The exterior will always be a precursor to the interior you’ll want to make sure that your landscape boasts with curb appeal that’s true to the era of your estate. Have the hedges and shrubs trimmed in specific form and unified fashion across the green. If there is a retaining barrier, like a fence, consider erecting a wrought iron. There’s something classic about grandeur curb appeal.

Extend the visual experience into your home’s foyer. Before stepping a foot into your magnificent abode, guests will be focused on the flooring. Traditional choices tend to be dark in tone. Take care to exhibit the proper foyer lighting. Lighting sets the tone and the mood for the remainder of the timeless journey ahead. An elegant pendant chandelier would be the perfect opening to your classic scene. The right lighting under coffered molding ceilings will maintain the integrity of the ambience and should be researched thoroughly for the perfect choice to highlight your tastes.

Allow the timelessness to flow into the living room and reflect the traditions of life in the most civic and classic of manners. Start with the color palette – consider a soft tone to create a relaxed and calm feeling. This can be conveyed in the choice and color of floor-to-ceiling drapes, the fabric and make of the furniture, the floor rugs, end tables and center top surface (coffee table) pieces. Add a dark framed mirror over the fireplace to connect the adjoining room or foyer into the space.

Continue to adorn your home room by room and piece by piece with unique and authentic pieces of art, antiques, heirlooms mirrors, busts, statues and legacy pieces that are timeless and priceless to your bloodline. Design an elaborate and knowledge-rich library. The classic flow throughout your home should be seamless – often leaving guests to wonder who’s to compliment, the architecture for the bones of the property or yourself for being able to stay true to classic form.