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Here’s How to Decide Whether to Hire Movers or Go DIY for Your Move


Here’s How to Decide Whether to Hire Movers or Go DIY for Your Move

  • By Freshome
  • Posted by Marika 10/9/18

When it comes time to move, you will have to decide if you should hire a moving crew or do the job yourself. There are some obvious pros and cons of each scenario. When you hire movers, you avoid heavy lifting. When you do it yourself, you save money.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. That’s why we compiled a list of considerations to help you decide whether to hire movers or go DIY. Read on below to help yourself get some clarity on this tough decision.

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Look seriously at all moving-related costs. Image: JMorris Design

Compare the cost

It should be relatively obvious that you will save money if you choose to move by yourself instead of hiring a moving company, but there is more to it than at first glance. You also need to evaluate your other moving-related costs. For example, if you choose to move on your own, you’ll have to pay for a truck rental and gas used to drive it, which can add up if you’re making a long-distance move.

Additionally, you’ll need to account for how much longer it will take to move by yourself, especially if you have to take time off work. The savings of a DIY move may not be worth lost wages. Finally, don’t forget to weigh the risk of injury, as well as the potential cost of medical bills. You will not save money if you throw out your back and need months of physical therapy.


Weigh how much free time you have. Image: Cornerstone Architects

Think about time spent

Most of us find moving to be an aggravating process that we would prefer to be done as quickly as possible. Many people hire movers because they argue that, if they do so, the process will go more quickly. Movers know the best way to pack and carry awkward and heavy objects, allowing them to move efficiently. They also have a good eye for organization. With movers, no time is wasted figuring out how to fit items in the truck.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of going DIY, ask yourself the following: Do you have the organizational skills needed to pack efficiently, or will you leave it all to the last minute? Do you have good spatial relations skills? Do you have the know-how and stamina to lift heavy objects without risking injury?


Consider the best ways to protect your belongings. Image: Newmark Homes

Consider how to protect your possessions

There are two factors at play when it comes to protecting your possessions during a move: theft and breakage. With a DIY move, there is no risk of items being stolen. That said, it is incredibly rare for movers to steal objects, particularly if you hire a reputable moving company. You can also carry any valuables directly with you to further mitigate the risk.

The bigger concern when moving on your own will be the potential for breaking items. If you carry something too heavy for you, there is a chance you will drop it, which could mean losing something valuable. Since movers carry heavy and awkward objects all day long for a living, they are much less likely to damage your possessions by accident. They also know the best way to wrap up large, fragile items, such as TVs, mirrors and cabinets with glass.


Consider how much stuff you have to move. Image: Angus Mackenzie Architect

Evaluate the size of the move

If you are moving between furnished apartments and have minimal possessions, it may be practical to do the task yourself. Even if you have a small place with a handful of smaller pieces of furniture, it may make sense to rent a moving truck and ask friends if they will help you. In cases where the move is short and you have minimal belongings, a DIY project makes sense.

However, any time more than one or two pieces of furniture are involved, it may be smarter to hire a crew to take care of the moving for you. Most people hire movers if their new home is further from their old location due to the amount of driving involved. The process simply goes much more smoothly with the help of a crew, even if you do end up spending a little more money.

How have you traditionally done your moves: movers or DIY? Do you have any suggestions to add?