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How to mix styles when decorating


How to mix styles when decorating

In the world of interior design, it seems like there is sometimes too many themes to choose from, making the process rather overwhelming and complex. From modern, rustic, traditional, and more, the selection is endless. What if you didn’t have to settle for just one theme for a room? While this may seem a little crazy to go on mixing themes and design elements, if done correctly, it can bring more excitement and personality to a room than any other features could. If you are ready to design or remodel a room, but want to combine different elements, we have some simple tips and tricks to your to follow to make it work beautifully.

One of the biggest differences in different design themes is the sizes from element to element. For example, modern furniture rests much lower to the ground and has sleeker, sharper edges and angles, and tend to feature a wide array of white, black, and grey elements throughout the space. Whereas in contrast, traditional pieces of furniture and accessories are much fuller, have natural colors, and will highlight wood that is unstained and brings more warmth to a room. While these two design features are incredibly different on their own, you can successfully pair them to create an exciting space that has tons of character. Consider a modern sofa that incorporates a traditional designed area rug which also matches either the wall color or sofa color. The pattern in the rug brings the traditional feel, but the color meshes well with the couch or walls so it does not throw the room out of balance.

The right use of color is another great way to help tie together different design elements well and create a comfortable space with plenty of character and uniqueness. When focusing on the color route, going for a monochromatic theme is the best way to tackle this obstacle. A vintage or farmhouse style table coupled with modern chairs and traditional accent furniture and accessories such as cabinets all in the same color is a great way to bring all these elements together without being a distraction. If you can’t do the same exact color throughout, keep the hues very similar.

Do you have a room where you have successfully combined different design elements and themes? What styles worked and how did you use them? Make sure to let us know in the comments!