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10 Glamorous Ways To Make A Foyer Pop


10 Glamorous Ways To Make A Foyer Pop

  • By Homedit
  • Posted By Marika 12/6/18

The foyer is by definition an entrance hall in a public building such as a hotel or a theater but the term is often used to describe residential entrance halls as well. In this case, you might wonder what the difference is between a foyer and an entryway. Well, there might be a difference in terms of overall ambiance between the two in the sense that a foyer is more open and welcoming in certain cases. Let’s see how you can achieve this effect in your own home.

A large mirrors can really open up a foyer. You can strategically position the mirror on the wall so it reflects the living area or the adjacent spaces. The mirror can actually be a grand and glamorous accessory for the foyer and an awesome focal point, as shown in this eclectic Paris apartment.

A console table is often a must-have but not all foyers have layouts and proportions able to accommodate it. Still, there are plenty of ways in which to improvise. For example, this London home has this big radiator in the foyer and a stylish marble shelf mounted on the wall, just above.

A bench is a great feature for a foyer. It helps create a welcoming and comfortable ambiance and it also serves a practical role. Check out this stylish bench which perfectly complements this tall and open foyer.

If the foyer is small and narrow like this hallway, use light colors in order to maintain an open and bright decor and avoid large, bulky furniture pieces. This slender console table is a lovely choice. We also like the rug which puts en emphasis on the length of the foyer.

You can also make a foyer look welcoming and glamorous by putting an emphasis on the walls. Wallpaper can make that pretty easy. This is a very harmonious foyer. The lampshades match the wallpaper and the golden accents bring everything together in a very elegant way.

This is indeed closer to a foyer than to a typical entryway. The space is open and bright and it really looks and feels like a part of a cozy home, especially with that colorful area rug and the wall decorations.

Not all foyers are bright and open but that doesn’t mean they’re any less elegant and welcoming. In fact, the dark neutrals and mood lighting really make this space pop. We love how the light emphasizes the wooden floor and the grooves on the walls and doors.

A small foyer can look super charming too. You should however avoid any large furniture pieces. Check out this clear acrylic console. It’s hardly noticeable. The colorful area rug is the real focal point of the space. Of course, the patterned wall decor shouldn’t be ignored since it too makes this foyer stand out.

Foyers with staircases are pretty grand and usually offer plenty of flexibility in terms of interior design and decor strategies. A fresh and eye-catching wall color can really make the space pop and a comfortable bench can complete the decor in a very charming way. Some artworkand other decorations can also play important roles and the same can be said about the staircase railings and the front door.

Most foyers and entryways look similar to this space. They’re pretty small, somewhat narrow and not very bright. Still, if decorated and furnished in a sensible manner, they can look lovely and be functional at the same time. This of the foyer as a reflection of your style, a compact version of your entire home.