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Plaster In Home Decor: Pros And Cons And 25 Examples

  • By DigsDigs
  • Posted By Marika 6-19-18

If you don’t feel like usual plain walls and want to add a bit of texture and interest to the space, go for plaster. Plaster can be used for wall and ceiling decor, you may also try plaster backsplashes but before you do that, let’s find out some pros and cons.

Plaster has two main advantages: it helps to absorb noise and deter the spread of fire due to the physical and chemical properties. Besides, it looks very cool and vintage-inspired, which makes your home unique and personalized. It’s a simple way to add chic and to stand out with your home decor as not many people use this idea.

As for cons, though plaster is considered rather durable, plaster easily becomes loose and crack along the walls. In the result of poor workmanship, improper application, or excess moisture the material is more likely to crack or separate from the framework. Small cracks can be quickly fixed with DIY methods but if the problem is larger, repairing or removing your plaster can be time consuming and costly. Now let’s take a look at some ideas.

Plaster Walls

Plaster walls are a great idea for any space, from a bedroom to an entryway. It’s usually done in neutrals like white, off-white, grey, beige and their shades but you may go for any color you like: coral, blue, green or any other, add not only texture but also color to the walls, too. Plaster will easily fit any space from a rustic to a vintage one, and it looks cool with both vintage and ultra modern furniture. What can be more universal and interesting?

a taupe plaster wall in the bathroom makes a stylish statement and metallic touches add a vintage feel

a neutral cozy space with greyish plaster walls that add more texture to the space

a grey plaster wall, an upholstered bench and touches of brass for pure elegance

a countryside dining space with pink Venetian plaster walls and a brass chandelier

a grey shabby plaster wall plus vintage furniture create a dreamy shabby chic space

coral plaster walls and ceiling make the space bright and vivacious though not too colorful

give a touch of glam to your kitchen with pink plaster walls and touches of brass

grey plaster wall with black sleek cabinets for an ultra-modern Scandinavian kitchen

grey plaster walls and covered bathtub for a minimalist space

off-white plaster walls and a ceiling plus wooden beams bring a vintage feel and modern furniture for an edgy touch

plain walls would have looked boring, and plaster texture brings more interest to the space

plaster walls are amazing for shabby chic spaces like this one, it looks very natural

red plaster walls and a dark wooden ceiling create an Asian ambience on this European space

white plaster and a dark wooden ceiling are a perfect palette for creating a cool interior

white plaster walls and white marble for a stylish modern space and black touches for depth

white plaster walls are an amazing idea for a rustic or boho space

white plaster walls make dark cabinets stand out for a bold modern meets traditional look

Plaster Backsplashes

Plaster backsplashes aren’t a frequent thing but if you want to stand out, it’s a nice way to go. And I can say the same as about wall: any style and any color is welcome! Keep in mind that splashes can be seen on plaster and it may stain or crack. Sometimes it’s nice to cover the hottest places with glass screens to just be ready to refinish the backsplash often. Take a look to get inspired!

a grey plaster backsplash, brass and wood create a fantastic ambience in the kitchen

a grey plaster wall contrasts sleek black cabinets bring a more industrial feel to the kitchen

a minimalist kitchen with a grey plaster backsplash that adds color and texture to the space

a niche kitchen with a grey plaster wall that brings texture and interest to the space

a white plaster wall and backsplash plus light grey cabinets for a serene kitchen look

black plaster backsplash, white cabinets and wooden shelves for a bright modern look

light-colored plywood cabinets and a blush plaster backsplash for a unique mid-century modern look 

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