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15 Chalkboard Walls You’ll Want To Utilize Inside Your House


15 Chalkboard Walls You’ll Want To Utilize Inside Your House

Unique accent walls inside surprising spaces in and around the home can really transform and help you personalize with ease. Today, we’re talking about those additions being in the form of chalkboards! The kitchen is an obvious choice, of course, but there are tons of ways to incorporate this trend inside your vision. These 15 chalkboard walls you’ll wnt to utilize inside of your house and maybe even dive into the DIY treatment of it by the weekend.

chalkboard wall modern kitchen kids table 900x600 15 Chalkboard Walls Youll Want To Utilize Inside Your House

Curbed starts us off with this extra-large chalkboard wall that outlines this kitchen and breakfast bar perfectly. There’s space for the little ones’ to doodle on but also enough room to create some artistic magic during the holidays or even keep your grocery and to-do lists on it!

chalkboard wall bedroom behind desk 15 Chalkboard Walls Youll Want To Utilize Inside Your House

We’re lovings this little nook carved out for some at home worktime. This space from Homesthetics shows us how you can make a chalkboard wall out of one section instead of a more open area. It creates a functional backdrop for the office!

Liz Marie Blog showed off this fun, rustic kitchen area which includes a sidewall that acts as a chalkboard too. It’s functional, yes, but it also goes well with the style of the area as well. It has a homemade charm that blends nicely.

Turn the kids’ room into somethinge even more interactive by incorporating the walls! Expand and welcome creativity by having chalk on hand all day long. This magical idea was presented to us by Room to Bloom.

Here’s another office nook beauty to gather inspiration from. We found this wonderful space on Pinterest and immediately scooped it up because of its beautiful, contrasting neutral tones. And we love how the little ones can doodle beneath the desk!

Check out this extra-large chalkboard wall from Decoist! You can change out your “style” with the changing of the seasons if you wish. With all of the space, you can utilize the length and width to suit your visions. Right now, there are some trees accented the library!

Have you ever seen a white chalkboard wall? Well, here it is and it’s quite the beauty. Add this surprising bout of luxury to your dining room with some help from the geniuses behind the creations at A Beautiful Mess.

This is exactly how’d I want my chalkboard wall in my own home office. Offset the desk and create a focal point using some of this paint. Then, frame you bulletin board and create a unique piece of art right on its surface. Thanks for the idea Pinterest!

Here’s a bedroom wall that’s been transformed with some chalkboard paint. We love the frames and personalized art that can fit and be created right inside. And look at that hand drawn chandelier! Thanks for this one Decoist!

PopSugar had a few great features as well. This bedroom has a couple of different spaces that utilizes chalkboard paint. Both the closet door and the outgoing wall use the reminder areas nicely.

Over at Apartment Therapy you’ll get insight on this beautiful hallway piece that is both an accent wall and a focal point. It can also be a space for the family to keep up with each other and create some organization.

SF Girl had a grabbed a lot of inspiration from as well. It’s a sitting area that works great for relaxation and even entertainment. And then the wall had an area to personalize and contract with the trendy, rustic elements.

Your stairwell could have a chalkboard wall attached to it as well. This particular space from Robb Restyle looks incredible with its contrast to the steps themselves. But, just think of all the creative ways to utilize the function.

The playroom is a personal favorite area for a chalkboard wall to go. And this area from Style by Emily Henderson is a beautiful example of that. We love the extra mile they went with the “dollhouse” theme shapes as well.

And finally, there’s something really raw and inviting about this chalkboard wall and kitchen. You’ll never ever forget your grocery list again if you prepare it like this. Grab more ideas from Hunted Interior.