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20 Glass Door Fridges With Pros And Cons


20 Glass Door Fridges With Pros And Cons

  • By Digsdigs
  • Posted By Marika 10/22/18

We are all used to see stainless steel fridges but the latest kitchen trend isn’t about them, the edgiest idea is glass door refrigerators. Should you follow the trend and immediately get one for your space or just skip this idea? Let’s take a look at pros and cons for you to decide.


  1. A sense of openness. Like glass-front cabinetry, transparent refrigerator doors help to expand a kitchen visually and alleviate the heaviness of a traditional solid-front model. They work particularly well with modern kitchens.
  2. Extra display area. Essentially, having a glass fridge is like having a deep-chilled cabinet. Showcase your collections of crockery and glassware, artfully filled with fruit, vegetables, beverages and other goods, these are artworks in the kitchen.
  3. Additional light. The interior glow of a glass-door fridge can help to brighten a dark corner. Just pay attention to the cast — a cool blue LED light might look at odds with a warm-tone kitchen, for example. On many models, you can switch the light off or leave it on.
  4. You can inventory supplies quickly without having to open the doors and fumble around. If you keep the contents tidy, you can see what you have and what you’re missing at a glance.
  5. Compared to metals like stainless steel, glass door refrigerators don’t dent or scratch as easily, especially if you use a soft towel or gentle glass cleaners. Their sheen makes them look brand new for years to come.
  6. Glass door refrigerators come in a variety of glass panel styles ranging from high-gloss colored glass to frosted glass to stainless steel doors with a clear glass window insert.
a stainless steel fridge with a clear glass door for showing off all the contents at its best

a fridge with glass doors will give additional light to your space illuminating dark corners and nooks

a glass door fridge is a great idea to make your kitchen feel more modern than it is, or just a perfect fit for a modern one

if you wanna keep your fridge organized and in perfect order buy a glass door fridge and you'll have inspiration

such fridges are available in various colors and with different types and colors of glass to match your space

with a glass friedge you'll easily understand what food and drinks you have at hand, and what's missing

using a simple gentle cleaner is enough for cleaning such a fridge and it will last longer without scratches

try various colors of glass, the doors will be still transparent and will add a touch of color to the space

a large fridge with glass doors and glass shelves is a great extra display and it will make the kitchne fele more open

try a black glass door fridge to add a contemporary feel to your minimalist kitchen and create a contrast

integrate your fridge and wine cooler into your wooden cabinets to keep the kitchen more unified and sleek

build in your fridge into the kitchen seamlessly and with no fuss using your usual cabinets


  1. If you aren’t very tidy with your fridge contents, you’ll have to stare at a jumbled mess, so transparency may be a disadvantage. Put in a little extra effort to coordinate storage containers and other contents to create a pleasing package. Or just choose models in frosted, ribbed or smoked finishes that strike a balance between transparency and baring it all.
  2. Think stainless steel is tough to keep clean? It has nothing on glass. Every smudge, fingerprint and splatter will show, so you must be diligent about wiping down the fridge door regularly. Keep in mind, too, that interior shelves look best when they’re pristine, which requires extra elbow grease.
  3. Loss of door storage. Those handy bins and cubbies on the door of most standard refrigerators aren’t an option with glass. You’ll need to find an alternative way to store butter, condiments and other things.
  4. These models come with an eye-popping price tag. The least expensive ones start around $1,500, but some can cost $10,000 or more.

if you have kids, they may break the glass accidentally, keep it in mind

cleaning your glass door and shelves should be constant, otherwise your fridge won't look neat

a glass door means you won't have door storage, and if it's essential for you, avoid this idea

keep in mind that food in such a fridge may arise your appetite, and if you are losing weight, it's a bad idea

in such a case you may place only drinks inside to avoid excessive appetite and thinking of food all the time

if you hesitate, order opaque glass doors in some color like black here and you may have any mess inside

the fridge shows off perfect order inside, which should be kept there all the time for a chic look

such fridges come with a high price, and it may be too much for you