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4 insanely inspiring homes


4 insanely inspiring homes

#1: 7 Modern Homes in the Desert

The amazingly beautiful and ultra-modern homes shown in this article by Brandi Andres for dwell.com will have your imagination going wild. Set in various desert areas, these homes are built to work with the stark scenery of the desert. There are several “prefab” houses that definitely do not look like anything you would ever think of as prefab. They are ultra-modern, filled with light and look amazing in the settings where they reside. The architecture of these homes is incredible and they are all placed to enjoy amazing local scenery. Check out all these awesome homes when you read the full article here.

#2: 8 of the World’s Most Inspiring Homes

If you want your next home to be energy efficient, leave a small carbon footprint and be beautiful and comfortable, then you’re definitely going to want to read this article posted on Inhabitat.com to get some brilliant inspiration. From the shipping container home to the houseboat you’re going to be amazed at what is possible today for about the same price you would pay for a standard home. Incorporating all the latest knowledge and technology for saving energy, water and space, these homes are absolutely spectacular and will be not only cheaper to live in but about the same price as any standard home. You’ll want to get all of the great information by reading the full article here.

3: 10 of the World’s Most Insanely Luxurious Houses

You’ll go ape for these fabulous and outrageously expensive luxury homes detailed in this article posted on Odee.com. From the awesome twenty seven story skyscraper in Mumbai that costs an amazing two billion dollars, to the Malibu Barbie inspired home, these palaces are absolutely amazing. With many of them having over a one hundred rooms, it’s nearly impossible to fathom what living there must be like. How do you not get lost in a home that is over forty thousand square feet? Each home is complete with several swimming pools, home theaters, tennis courts, multiple kitchens and more. You’ll want to read about all the decadent details and see all the fabulous photos when you read the full article here.

#4: 20 Surprisingly Beautiful Tiny Homes Around the World

If you’ve always wanted to try going tiny, then you’ll definitely want to read this article by Melissa Stanger for businessinsider.com. From the ultra-tiny eleven square foot “home” that’s really just a tiny shelter to sleep in if you’re small enough, to a seemingly grand spacious three hundred and fifty square foot place that has all the comforts of home, there’s no doubt the tiny home movement is definitely building up steam. With people all over the world looking to downsize, become more environmentally friendly and have a place that doesn’t require eighty hour work weeks to maintain, the tiny house craze has become a viable alternative for people who don’t want to live their lives tied to their homes. You’ll want to see all the great photos and read all about the amenities in these tiny homes by reading the full article here.