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Written by Cyndy Aldred

Posted by Marika Dienes on February 20, 2017

Paint Color Trends For 2017 @Remodelaholic

Hi Remodelaholics! Cyndy here from The Creativity Exchange back with some of my favorite paint color trends for 2017.

Every year, I devour all the paint color forecasts from the paint manufacturers for the coming year and highlight the best colors and identify color trends for the year. While I never choose a color because it’s “trendy’, it is helpful to know what colors the paint manufacturers predict consumers will be gravitating to this year. Whether painting for resale or looking for ways to update your home, color trend information is a great place to look for beautiful colors.

As we head into 2017, the paint manufacturers have all unanimously predicted over the last two years that trends in colors will be warming up. In other words, the cooler grays, blues and whites that have been popular the last couple of years will trend warmer and colors like cream, transitional blues and warm grays are the direction that paint manufacturers are predicting that we are heading.

2017 Paint Color Trends


As we head into warmer grays as the paint manufacturers predict, colors like Sherwin-Williams Popular Gray, Behr Close Knit and Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray are great examples of a balanced warm gray.

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Cabinetry Color Is Mindful Gray By Sherwin Williams. Color Trends For 2017

Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray via Mawr Design

Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray is another great warm gray example and in fact, Repose Gray is already one of the best selling Sherwin-Williams paint colors.

Wall color is Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. Color trends for 2107

Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray via The Creativity Exchange

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Transitional Blues

Transitional blues that are warmer than popular cooler blues from the last couple of years are predicted to trend this next year. Transitional blues how a little more warmth and often times, green or gray undertones. Colors like Sherwin-Williams Stardew, Sherwin-Williams Mountain Air and Farrow and Ball Pale Blue are all great examples of this forecasted color heading into 2017.

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Wall Color Is Farrow And Ball Pale Powder. Color Trends For 2017

Farrow and Ball Pale Blue via Lebey Interiors

Another beautiful transitional blue to add to your radar is Behr Frozen pond.

Wall Color Is Behr Frozen Pond. Color Trends For 2017.

Behr Frozen Pond via I Heart Organizing

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It was no surprise to see greens on the paint manufacturers 2017 color forecasts. Green has really become popular in the last year with consumers. Colors like Behr Polished Aqua, Benjamin Moore Sea Star and the very popular Sea Salt from Sherwin-Williams, are all great examples of the shades of green that will continue to trend.

Wall Color Is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. 2017 Color Trends

Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt via Studio McGee

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There is no doubt that the popular white trend will continue to surge through the next year. The paint manufacturers predict whites will warm up over the next year and warmer whites and creams will begin to trend with consumers. Colors like Sherwin-Williams High Reflective White and Benjamin Moore Chalk White were both highlighted in the 2017 paint color forecasts.

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Sherwin Williams High Reflective White. 2017 Color Trends

Sherwin-Williams High Reflective White via White Lane Decor

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One of the biggest surprises this year in the color forecasts was all of the rich and dark den-like colors that were highlighted. Various shades of rich black dominated all of the forecasts. Since we are trending warmer, it was also no surprise that all of the blacks had hints of warmth in them. In fact, many of the blacks could be considered very dark browns because of the warmth. Colors like Benjamin Moore Salamander and Sherwin-Williams Caviar were featured in the forecasts.

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Sherwin Williams Caviar. Color Trends For 2017

Sherwin-Williams Caviar via Sherwin-Williams.

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It’s such a fantastic time in color right now! It’s also so exciting to see where we are heading and the future in color looks rich and beautiful!

For more 2017 color forecast details and colors, you can check out my recap here on the blog and see many more gorgeous color examples. Also, you can check out my inspiration boards over in Pinterest here,where I have several boards dedicated to great paint colors.

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